Back-Sleep System
Back-Sleep System
Back-Sleep System
Back-Sleep System
Back-Sleep System
Back-Sleep System
Back-Sleep System
Back-Sleep System
Back-Sleep System

Back-Sleep System

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PoZo's Back-Sleep System is designed to optimize your back-sleep experience. The system is comprised of three pillows: PoZo's patent-pending Back-Sleep Pillow, PoZo's Back-Sleep Leg Support Pillow, and PoZo's Super-Soft Pillow. 

Back-sleepers know that neck-support is a pillow's most important function. With PoZo's Back-Sleep Pillow, back-sleepers will never wake up with a crooked neck again. The pillow's barriers ensure that a back-sleeper's head will never twist too far in either direction during the night. In addition, the pillow is contoured with an incline at the base of the neck, a plateau in the middle of the neck, and a decline from the top of the neck to the middle of the skull, providing your dream-space with added comfort.

The pillow is low to the mattress, which is ideal for back-sleepers who prefer a more-horizontal alignment. For those who prefer a higher head-position, just stack PoZo's microfiber-filled Super-Soft Pillow above the Back-Sleep Pillow, and the contours of the Back-Sleep Pillow will support your neck at this elevated position.

Once you have established your head position, the final step is to place the Back-Sleep Leg Support Pillow underneath your hamstrings, immediately reducing stress in the hips and lower back. Customize it to your body by placing the pillow on its base with the semi-circle edge pointed upward for a higher leg position or by placing the pillow on its side with the semi-circle edge pointed towards the hips for a lower leg position.

Are you a back-sleeper? Then don't be a bozo, get a PoZo!


What's Included

  • The PoZo memory foam Back-Sleep Pillow with pillowcase.
  • The PoZo memory foam Back-Sleep Leg Support Pillow with pillowcase.
  • The PoZo microfiber-filled Super-Soft Pillow with pillowcase.


Free Shipping

PoZo products are shipped for free anywhere in the Continental U.S.



Back-Sleep Pillow: 14.7 inches (length) x 24.2 inches (width) x 5.7 inches (barrier height) x 3.2 inches (neck plateau height) x 2 inches (head plateau height)

Back-Sleep Leg Support Pillow: 20 inches (length) x 6 inches (width) x 8 inches (height)

Super-Soft Pillow: 30 inches (length) x 15 inches (width) x 7.5 inches (height)

The pillows fit easily on mattresses of all sizes. 


Slow-Rebound Memory Foam

PoZo's memory foam is 60 density, slow-rebound, and CertiPUR-US certified. It has moderate firmness, and, with its hole design, it will mold to your form and shoulder while still providing support. The memory foam rebounds after 3-to-5 seconds, allowing you to enjoy stress-free sleep.


Super-Soft Microfiber

Lie down in PoZo's Super-Soft Pillow and let your head sink deeper-and-deeper into it.


Breathable Pillowcase

Your order comes with a pillowcase for each of the three pillows made of skin-friendly 100%-polyester fiber, which promotes airflow to keep cool and reduce wrinkles.


Easy to Wash

The pillowcases are removable and machine washable. Just unzip and slide off to remove them.


How the Back-Sleep System Works


Open the vacuum-sealed packaging and wait for the memory foam to expand. This usually takes 15 minutes but could take a few hours. Once the pillow has found its shape, put on the pillowcase.


The pillows create the ideal back sleeping position for you. To use, simply place the middle of the Back-Sleep Pillow's neck-support plateau underneath the middle of your neck, and then relax into the pillow. For added comfort, place PoZo's Back-Sleep Leg Support Pillow underneath your hamstrings to relieve stress in your lower back. For a higher head-position, place PoZo's Super-Soft Pillow above the Back-Sleep Pillow and let your head sink into it.